Unstoppable Entertainment provides entertainment for all types of venues.  From a small duo or trio to a full band, UE can do it all.  With a background in staging large productions, UE has the experience and contacts to coordinate shows from Sock Hop to Jazz Show to R&B to Showtunes and everything in between. UE manages the setup, the talent and the issues, leaving you free to enjoy the event.

UE usually brings a portable sound system able to fulfill the requirements of most venues, but is also able to connect to the most sophisticated house systems. Large stages and bowl performances may require additional power and lighting, but the in-house UE system will fill rooms up to 400 and smaller outdoor venues.

Some lighting is provided for free, but for a slight additional charge, UE can also supply special lighting and effects, including smoke machine and spots.

UE shows up on time, sober and ready to go. UE has never missed a gig.

KAT is a professional singer / songwriter, having performed in front of audiences of more than twenty thousand.

Born In San Jose, Kathleen Susan Trefts, she was the daughter of school teachers. Her father, Edgar, an accomplished pianist, met her mother, Beverly, first chair violin, in college. Kat came by her musical talent naturally. Kat and her Dad used to sing big band and standards together accompanied by his piano.

As a young girl she suffered a speech impediment and was introduced to music as a way of resolving the affliction. Even today, listening closely, one can still hear the results of eight years of classical and operatic study.  Coincidentally, Kat studied at the same college as Stevie Nicks, probably accounting for her love of Fleetwood Mac.

Kat is listed in the 1978-1979 Who's Who of music as a published song writer and Jazz soloist. She wrote her first published song when she was fifteen. She was a bar singer and lyricist, even when too young to join in bar patron fun.

After years of hard work, her speech became perfect, but stage fright, the result of peers ridiculing her speech for so many years, nearly caused Kat to give up on her music. Though she later performed in stage productions and sang at many weddings, her lounge and song writing career were put on hold.

Ultimately, Kat became a radio news personality and network broadcast manager and floor director for an NBA team. She also later became a television producer for a California NBC affiliate.  She and her husband, Steve, produced and directed large stage productions in the Pacific Northwest before returning to Southern California to be with family.

In 2010 Kat suffered a major brain hemorrhage and died on the way to the hospital. Fortunately medical personnel were able to revive her. During emergency brain surgery doctors removed the portion of the brain that had coincidentally also caused most of her early speech and migraine issues.

Like many brain trauma victims, Kat's personality and physical capabilities changed. She still has bouts of vertigo, which she calls her personal earthquakes, and her depth perception may never fully return, but she has battled her way back. One of the side benefits of the trauma is loss of stage fright. When one comes that close to death's door, what is left to fear?

She also appeared on the hit television series "I Survived, Beyond and Back" on A&E's BIO network.

STEVE  a Pasadena boy, sang and was a soloist in several choirs. As a sixth grader, he performed at the Pasadena Playhouse. He first took piano instruction at the age of ten and has been playing piano or keyboard since. Sidetracked by the guitar in 1962, he played in a band with his brothers, then with friends as a drummer in the mid to late sixties. He was a blonde, studly, Beach Boy looking dude and initially was part of bands more for his looks than his musical ability. That changed. A talented vocalist with amazing range and styles, he quickly became a garage band favorite. On stage, he was a natural. Much later in life he discovered acting and starred in several musicals.

Over the years he picked up more than a little knowledge of sound systems. He was a techie long before computers entered the realm of music and had a great ear for sound. He worked on the sound and lighting team for the Oasis stage. He still plays both guitar and keyboard and can carry a tune, particularly oldies and country. He is a backup singer whenever Kat sings lead and has been backup singer to Second Generation Platters star Jerome Robinson in live performances.

He is well known for his voice impressions of Willie Nelson, Jimmy Durante, Elvis and Dean Martin. New voices are added all the time. You never know who he will be next.

THE SANDERS produced and performed in several stage plays, accounting for their knowledge of lighting, sound and show.

They also co-authored a workbook together, titled Unstoppable Life. It talks about Kat's near death and the way it caused them to change their lives. It also guides readers to identify and achieve their own life goals. Published by Lionsgate Publishing, it is available on Amazon.com.

Consistent with their new self-discovered direction, the couple and their company, Unstoppable Entertainment, now regularly entertain, They also produce/direct shows and book acts.  Their favorite audiences are forty and older, and those who appreciate like musical eras. They book dances, private, corporate and public events and perform at lounges, restaurants, wineries and casinos.