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Learn HOW TO:

RE Tech is a four hour, college level class with textbook. You will learn all of the above, and more, taken from the book "Unstoppable Business", written by Kat and Steve Sanders. Together they have been running an electronic brokerage for three years and have worked out most of the bugs. Other brokerages and agents can learn how to make their lives more productive and happier while saving both money and time.

Kat started in real estate in 1993 as a new home rep and is now a REALTORŪ. She managed large brokerages with as many as 250 agents. Steve, a reformed banker, now real estate broker, has been licensed since 1988.

A twenty question multiple choice/true false exam will be given at the end of the class. The exam must be completed in 20 minutes or less. Students must attend all four hours and pass the exam to get credit for the class.

The class is fun, entertaining and informative. Kat and Steve have been national instructors for more than twenty years, and can really put on a show that teaches.

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