Kat Sanders, co-author of the Unstoppable book series, is also a great vocalist. After a near fatal bursting of an ArterioVeinous Malformation (AVM) in her brain, she decided to fulfill yet another of her life's dreams. As a child she suffered from a speech impediment and took years of difficult speech therapy.

It wasn't till they put her into singing training that she overcame her handicap. Later she became a drive-time radio newscaster and female voice of the Portland Trailblazer NBA team. She also later became news producer for an NBC affiliate.

Her music is the product of formal opera training, influnced by her Dad's love of the big band and mother's abilities as first chair violinist. As a teenager, prior to her debut as a lounge singer, she stood by Dad's piano, reliving the old standards.

She is also a songwriter and was once in the Who's Who of music as the youngest paid songwriter. She won competitions for her early work.

Colour of My Love and When You Wish Upon a Star were performed in a studio in Washington State and were done in one cut. When she was doing radio voiceover work they used to call her One Cut Kat. She got it the first time almost every time. This is a result of the concentration learned when overcoming her stutter.

Butterfly Kisses has been played at hundreds of weddings since being introduced at daughter Kristi's wedding. Sit back and enjoy. Remember a better, friendlier, easier time. Hear the special warmth and love in each song carefully rendered in the After Midnight album.

She wants her music to be an inspiration to others, proving that  that even the apparently insurmountable can be conquered.
After Midnight will be released November, 2015.
Butterfly Kisses


Colour of My Love

Round Midnight
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