Our tendancy is to limit what we do by the amount of money it takes or the amount of earned money we must forgo in order to do it. What if you won the lottery and had no financial constraints? What would you do?

Life is short. What are the things I have to do before I die? If I don't decide, how will I know?

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How do we want to be remembered? What do we hope people will say about us when we are gone? Will we leave the world a better place than we found it?

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If I Won the Lottery
Bucket List
Million Bucks
An old TV series entitled the Millionaire was a weekly saga of people trying to give away a million dollars and how hard that really was. The recipient of the loot was required give it away without telling anyone how they got it or who they got it from. If you were the beneficiary of that money, who would you give it to and how much.
What talents do you have. We all have different things that we are good at doing. That is makes the world a fun place to live.

What are your passions? What are the things you would do even if no one paid you to do them?

10 Days
What were your ten favorite days. They are not always the ones we think. Yes, the first date with our soul mate or wedding day, the day our children were born or said their first word will all be important and memorable. But there are other days, without similar significance, that were great as well.
There are words we need to voice or emotions we need to express. There are questions which require answers and they are usually conversations with our closest family or friends. They are phrases that need saying before we leave this life.

Things to Say
There are two simple questions that everyone must ask of themselves before deciding what their priorities should be.

Two Simple Questions