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Place Your order for the Unstoppable Life Workshop and Book
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Lisa Montedore
Jill Takahashi

An Unstoppable Life book, a better life, and refreshments. What could be better?

The Unstoppable Life Workshop will explain what happened to Kat, what she experienced when so close to death, and how it changed her life for the better. The seminar will guide you through a series of excercises that will allow you to self-discover what is most important to YOU and identify a path on how to get there.

You will learn how to keep the unimportant from overcoming what matters. Life is tough no matter who or where you are. Find out how to make it better. Learn to Ride the Wave Instead of Fighting the Tide.

This seminar and the Unstoppable Life book are a must. Even if things are going according to plan. What we plan today may not be possible tomorrow.