"My head hurts really bad and I'm scared." said my lovely wife, Kat, just before unconsciously sliding off the bed to the floor.

I managed to reach her in time to slow the fall, though I wasn't quick or strong enough to stop her descent. I let her glide softly to the carpet, arranged her body so she would be comfortable, got her some blankets to keep her warm and dialed 911.

There had been no warning, no symptoms, no way to prepare. She was the picture of health, then, five minutes later, she was nearly comatose.

Her survival and recovery to full capacity were a trillion to one shot. She had bleeding covering a third of her brain and a secondary aneurism behind the bleeding hemorrhage. The brain stem, which is supposed to remain stable, moved nearly a half inch. The neurosurgeon's comment said it all, "This is as bad as it gets."

Steve and Kat Sanders were ordinary people living ordinary lives. The dual career couple, was working harder through a down economy just to make ends meet. Fourteen hour days were the rule, not the exception. Their trip to Europe, plans to visit their son in Arizona, even dinners out and weekends at the beach were put on hold. Everything could be put off till later when they had more time. Then Kat nearly died.

They decided to change their lives to something better than it was before. They would learn what was important and focus on that instead of getting bogged down in the trivial. They would learn to Ride the Wave Instead of Fighting the Tide.

Surfers learn to maneuver body and board to get the best possible result out of every wave. The wave alone decides where to go. Surfers determine how far and how artistically they will ride. Like life, they don't always get the results they want. They can either pump their fist in the air after a great ride or jump back in after a wipeout.

Good surfers don't give up. The next wave might be epic. Just because the last one was a snapper (small wave) the next might be tubular (great). They jump into the surf, paddle out to the line up and hop the next wave. With practice, they learn to catch a better ride more often. That is what Unstoppable Life is all about.

The Unstoppable book series is the result of this one, strange, near miss, proof that lemons can be made from lemonade.  We hope you enjoy this site and please, pass it on to others you thiink might benefit.

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